Company philosophy


With our trips we bring families closer to the pleasant and liberating effect of outdoor activities together on holiday. Physical exercise in nature has positive effects on body, mind and soul and can thus improve life as a whole. That's why it is our company inspire people and motivate them for active holidays with the whole family.



Euroaktiv lets people feel their bodies. Our activities range from completely relaxed enjoyment to the conscious discovery of your own comfort zone. We make sure that every participant gets the active holiday that is right for his or her condition.



We enable families to experience nature together. Due to the increasing dynamisation of our everyday life, which families in particular often clearly feel, shared experiences are becoming a rarity. With our family holidays we want to change this and offer families opportunities for well-organised, shared activities in the nature.



For many activities we leave our guests free to choose, for others there are fixed starting times. In any case, all informations are available and no questions remain unanswered. Our organisation is perfect all around and often goes unnoticed. Travellers do not worry about the next step, they simply take it. We take care of the organisation, our customers feel the freedom. We call this “Organized Freedom".



We do not place sustainability high on our list of priorities. However, our trips consume hardly any fossil resources and only little energy. Except for the arrival and departure, which is organised independently by travellers, our trips are very low in CO2 emissions. It is important to us to preserve nature, because only in this way we can offer our families sustainably liberating active holidays.


In any case: We organize and you make active holidays.


Have fun discovering our travel offers!

Your team from Euroaktiv