Active holidays in Autumn


The temperatures drop to a comfortable level, mother nature wears her most beautiful dress, the colours of the landscape become more intense and slowly a little calm returns to holiday hotspots – is that perhaps why we love autumn so much? On this page we give you a few more really good reasons why you should choose an active holiday in autumn. Be excited!

Holidays don’t always have to be in summer…

…because a beautiful autumn can also be great. And especially if you are a family with small children who don’t have to travel during the summer holidays, you should take note because this year we are extending the season for some of our active trips. Cool holidays in pleasant temperatures amidst incredibly beautiful and colourful nature – this is what you’ll find in the golden season. Enjoy the peace that slowly returns after the eventful summer months, concentrate on you and your family and have fun together! How do you imagine a successful holiday? Read on and discover the most beautiful active holiday that we have to offer in autumn.

Our most beautiful active holidays in colourful autumn

Cycling holidays for families in autumn

Drau Cycle Path for families

If you can imagine nothing better than cycling through the south of Austria in the most beautiful sunshine, then your search for the optimal cycle tour has come to an end. From Dobbiaco on the Italian border you cycle through the breath-taking East Tyrolean Alps towards Carinthia, where you can extend the summer by a few days! Because pleasant temperatures and lots of sunshine are almost a given in Carinthia.

Isar Cycle Path for families

What do you need for a successful holiday in autumn? Sunshine, a bike and a few highlights that delight the whole family. On this tour for example, we offer the glittering Lake Starnberg, or would you prefer to be impressed by a majestic mountain? Then the Zugspitze will definitely take your breath away. Autumn cycling fun is guaranteed!


Drau Cycle Path

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Isar-Cycle Path

7 Days | Self-guided tour
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Moselle Cycle Path for families

Take a trip back in time with Euroaktiv this autumn and cycle with your loved ones along the beautiful Moselle. You can discover mysterious castles, via ferratas, ruins and adventure trails. And the parents can enjoy a wonderful new wine every now and then when cycling along the Roman Wine Route.

Walking holidays for families in autumn

Hiking with children in Bavaria

Pack your hiking shoes – we’re off to Bavaria. And with which sport can you enjoy the golden summer better than hiking? Listen to the leaves crunching underfoot and marvel and the wonderful play of colours of the Bavarian forests!

Hiking tour Siebengebirge for families

The Siebengebirge with its mystical palaces and castles, the magical forests and the adventurous hiking trails promise an unforgettable hiking holiday for the whole family in autumnal Germany.



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6 Days | Self-guided tour
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Multi-activity holidays for families in autumn

Multi-activity holiday in Madeira

Do you want to extend the summer by a few weeks, avoid the tourist throng and try out some cool new sports? Then we have just the thing for you! Canyoning, kayaking and mountain bike tours, surfing and much more await you in pleasant temperatures on the flower island of Madeira.

Perfectly organised active holidays for the whole family in golden autumn

If you too appreciate autumn in all its wonder and you need a holiday that’s action-packed and full of energy, then you’re in the right place. We organised varied active holidays for you into autumn. Of course, we will book the perfect hotels for you. Our travel documents are easy to understand. In addition, we deliver your luggage to your next accommodation every day, can lend you perfectly maintained bikes on requests and are of course personally available to you to ensure you are well looked after. Call us now!

Euroaktiv – your port of call for unforgettable active holidays.

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