Quite possibly the funniest way to travel: we have picked out the loveliest horse tours for you and your family. Horses are very special and that is why we have compiled a detailed guide below with important information and also have provided lots of information along with each individual tour.

Horse and carriages

You and your family travel alone by horse and cart and by doing so experience a true adventure. An adult always needs to walk next to the horse’s head whilst moving.


There is enough space for a maximum of four adults or three adults and two children plus your luggage. At least two adults are required for this holiday.


You stay overnight in a hotel, guest house or in a straw-dormitory on a farm. There will always be horse food and a stable for the horse reserved at every place where you stay.

Horse-drawn caravans

Horse-drawn caravans come fully equipped with somewhere to sleep and to cook. In each place where you will stay overnight there is somewhere for you to park up and of course there is a horse box. Horse food will also be provided. You will still be responsible for looking after the horse, feeding it and mucking out the horse box.

Riding weeks

Our riding weeks are suitable for beginners as well as for advanced riders. Prior knowledge is not necessary. Our experienced guides adapt depending on your ability and also help those good at riding to improve their technique further. Depending on the tour, they can be suitable for those aged four years or older. 


More information can be found on the tour pages.