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Horse & cart rides for the epicure and advanced.

Riding the Jura with a horse and cart is a unique experience. These multi-day trips take you through the Ajoie - the orchard of Jura. Here you will discover small farms, you will get the horses as your new friends and stop at beautiful picnic areas to enjoy specialties of Jura. A trip with horse and cart is an experience for all the senses and one of the most beautiful adventures in Switzerland.

  • 2 Days
  • Self-guided tour
  • Minimum age: 12 years
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Meeting point: 10 am at the horse farm in Courtedoux.

approx. 14 km
approx. 4 hours



approx. 16 km
approx. 4 hours

Prices and events

All data for 2020 at a glance
Season 1
Mar 14, 2020 - Oct 11, 2020
Arrival daily
Horse & Cart Tours Jura Enjoyment tours, 2 days, bed, CH-JUACP-02H
Base price
Base price 6 - 15 Years
Horse & Cart 2 days
Horse & Cart Tours Jura Enjoyment tours, 2 days, straw, CH-JUACP-02S
Base price
Base price 12 - 15 Years
Base price 2 - 11 Years
Horse & Cart 2 days

Category bed: youth hostels or simple hotels, shower and toilet & WC sometimes in the corridor.

Category straw: Farms. Only possible to sleep on a proper bed in Miécourt / Cornol.

Any charges for children aged 2-6 are to be paid for there.

Enjoyment package adult
Enjoyment package children aged 6 – 15

Services and infos


  • 1 overnight stay as stated (bed or straw), breakfast included
  • Rental of the horse and cart incl. equipment
  • Stall for the horse incl. hay, straw and food
  • Transfers from the horse boxes to your accommodation
  • ‘Breakdown service’
  • Briefing and maps

Optional extras

  • Transfer from Porrentruy to Courtedoux possible upon request. Reservation necessary

Things to note

  • Bedding for if you are staying in straw dormitories or shared rooms (sleeping bed is recommended) not included
  • Personal accident insurance and third-party insurance incl. animal holder liability insurance not included
  • Tourist tax, if due, is not included in the price
  • Further important information according to the package travel law can be found here!
  • Take the train to Porrentruy and then take a bus to Courtedoux. From there you can walk to the farm in just a few minutes.
  • Parking: free outdoor car parking spaces. No reservation possible.
  • Minimum age: 12 years old.
  • Routes: 15 - 20 km per day on quiet side roads and signposted forest paths.
  • Routes go along flat or sometimes slightly hilly land.
  • Meeting point: 10 am at the horse farm in Courtedoux.
  • A travel checklist for your horse adventure can be found here!

Toétché, smoked sausages, wine and cheese! At the Gourmet Pack you will get your money's worth. Your hosts will prepare a picnic basket of Jura specialties for you. In addition, we reserve a picnic area near Courtedoux. This has a fireplace, a toilet and covered seats, so you can make comfortable even in bad weather.

Additional included Enjoyment

  • Picnic basket in Mormont & Courtedoux
  • Rent of the Cabanne du Pilay

On the straw tours you go from farm to farm. In each place where you stay overnight you will be warmly welcomed. You can get to know the animals straight away. There is a lot to explore and to see here. You will spend the night in a straw dormitory close to your horses. The shower and toilet will usually be located in the nearby house. In the warmer months this kind of travel is a great experience.

You will stay overnight in basic guest houses or in shared rooms on farms. The shower and toilet will usually not be located in your room. At most of the places where you stay, you can eat at their own restaurant where they serve local specialities from the Ajoie. Your horse will spend the night in a nearby horse box. You will be responsible for looking after your horse before you start doing your own evening activities.

An interest for animals and some dexterity will be advantageous on this tour. The routes via Réclère are in bad condition in places and involve some ascents. We only recommend that you do the routes via Réclère if you are an experienced with horses and have been on horse and cart holidays before. As the distances are longer on the adventure tours, we recommend that you only do them if you have a good level of fitness. You will get detailed information about what you will need to know upon arrival. The horses are used to having people around them, however it takes discipline and courage to be able to lead the horse properly.

There is space for a maximum of 5 people including luggage in the carts. You are required to have at least 2 adults but a maximum of 4 or alternatively 3 adults and 2 children. One person always needs to walk alongside the horse near its head and hold its halter. At the places you will be staying overnight, there will be a stall reserved for your horse. They will also provide food. You need to look after and feed the horse yourself. You also need to muck out the stall in the morning before you leave.

Dogs are allowed on this tour. For hygiene reasons, dogs are not allowed in the straw dormitories but can sleep in the barn or in the stall. If you are staying in hotels and guest houses dogs are allowed at some but not others. They will always be found a place though - either in the house or in the stall.

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