Travel together by canoe or kayak: a unique nature adventure for everyone. Children who can swim and who are at least 6 years old can partake.

These tours are for nature lovers who are enthused by water and for those who want to escape civilization! Our canoe and kayak tours bring you real close to the water. Become one with the element and sense the power of nature. Are you looking for an adventure? Our tours on a self-built raft won’t disappoint. Even the adults will feel like they are reliving their childhood…


The Canadian canoe, the classic-style open canoe, was one of the first ways that humans transported themselves across water. You can travel through the wilderness on rivers and lakes and get places that you can’t access just by land travel. On some tours you take all of your luggage with you in watertight barrels and dry bags. On other tours, your luggage gets transferred for you from one accommodation to the next. 


Join us for a quiet peaceful tour…

Kayaking and sea kayaking

You travel by kayak on rivers leading you through untouched scenery. In a sea kayak you paddle across the sea, along wonderful coastlines or between uninhabited islands.

Individual or group holidays

Would you like to be independent and decide for yourself where you want to spend the night? We have numerous self-guided canoe and kayak tours on offer. If you would prefer to travel in a group with other water lovers then our diverse range of guided canoe tours and kayak safaris are the correct option for you.



Are you a beginner who has never been on a kayak or a canoe tour before? No worries! Everyone will get a detailed briefing about canoeing or kayaking technique on the very first day. Two things are necessary: you need to be a good swimmer and enjoy watersports. On almost all of our tours, each canoe is shared between two people. Children up to a certain age travel in a canoe with their parents. Depending on the type of kayak tour, you either are in a one-man or two-man kayak.


Rafting: such an adventure! On these tours you even build your own raft. You travel along rivers or waterways. Enjoy the independence and the peace of the gently flowing water. You can observe lots of animals that normally go unseen as you slowly move towards them. In the evening you look for somewhere to moor up and you will sleep either under the roofed part of the raft or in a tent on the river bank.


Rafting is great fun! You have to go about building the raft, help paddle and occasionally carry out some more difficult manoeuvres. This type of tour is perfect for practical, hands-on people and is suitable for kids aged 6 or over. It provides a very unique experience. All participants must be able to swim!