Canoe Finnish Lakeland

In the moose and beaver kingdom.

The sun in the sky, steel-blue water in front of you and around your endless amounts of green forests! If you are looking for moments like this, then you will be in the right place in the Saimaa Lakeland area in Finland. After you have got the material for your tour, you can set off on your adventure. First, you need to learn how to paddle. That means that you need to orientate yourself in this labyrinth of small and large lakes. The next days will offer you an intense natural experience whereby you will choose when to do which canoe tour. Even with the first paddle strokes, you will have left the hectic of your day to day life behind you and you can truly enjoy this adventure.

  • 8 Days / 7 Nights
  • Self-guided tour
  • Minimum age: 6 years
  • Number of participants: min. 2 people
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Today you will travel to Laajalahti. You should arrive by 3 pm at the latest. Once you have arrived, you will receive your equipment. This quiet bay is well-suited for you to try out basic paddle strokes. Then you will have a meeting when you can get tips about the nicest routes in the area.

You will set off early in the morning! You will load the canoe up with everything that you need. You will shake hands, give each other good wishes and then you will head off on your expedition into the blue world. At the start of your tour, you should keep close to the shore. It will be easier for you to keep orientated here and to find good places to rest. The Scandinavian freedom to roam allows you to take a break where you want. To use this privilege, you have to be careful and respect your surroundings! By doing so, you quickly learn how to live harmoniously with nature.

You will visit isolated bays where you can collect berries or mountains. In the evening, you can pitch your tent and prepare yourself (with the help of the food you brought with you) a tasty meal. Every day is full of experiences and surprises. At the end of the week, it is time to return to the canoe camp. Once you have got there, you will clean your equipment and say a goodbye to the Saimaa Lakeland area.

Tour character

The canoe routes take you across easy to paddle on water without any currents worth mentioning.

Prices and events

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Jun 3, 2019 - Aug 26, 2019
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Canoe Finnish Lakeland, 8 days, FI-FIALA-08X
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Services and infos


  • 7 overnight stays as stated
  • Canoe with equipment
  • Food for the tour
  • Cooking equipment
  • Luggage barrels or dry packs
  • Introduction
  • Briefing and maps etc, 1x per room

Things to note

  • Sleeping bag not included
  • Further important information according to the package travel law can be found here!

  • Fly to Helsinki and then take the train to Mikkeli in about 3 hours ( Then continue by bus (,
  • which takes about 1 hour to Puumala, from there with the taxi to the camp, costs about EUR 25,-.
  • Parking: free, outdoor car parking spaces are available outdoors. No reservation necessary.


  • Minimum age: 6 years.
  • Requirements: basic level of fitness, swimming skills and experience living outdoors.
  • Also suitable for beginners because you get a good lesson at the start.
  • Accommodation: you will camp for the last night at the Laajalahti camp site.  During the tour, you will camp outdoors in the wild or on very basic camp sites usual with an earth closet, fireplace and rubbish bin. There are no showers.
  • If you book extra nights, there are simple but cosy log cabins available for you to use in Laajalahti.


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