Boat trips


You really get to relax whith on one of our shipping holidays. Get the whole family packed up and set sail with us! You will experience summer, nature and sea on a boat trip that has been organised with families in mind. Sailing suitable for all age groups, family cruising is suiatble from 6 years.

Boat trips are great for everyone! It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old or whether you are single, in a relationship or have a family! Those travelling alone simply rent a whole cabin to themselves or if they wish they can share a cabin with another person. We have got a perfect boat trip for everyone. Have a look at our offers to see for yourself! 

Requirements for sailing

Our boats have one thing in common: they are very cosy and relaxing. They are perfect for sun lovers, keen swimmers and sailing newbies. Nevertheless, there is always something to do on board and this means that all of the members of the family should be familiar with the concept of teamwork. Everyone needs to be able to swim, have a bit of bravery as well as a willingness to compromise. And with that, the family sailing adventure can begin!


On our sailing holidays, you use a sport yacht. You can find detailed information about the types of boats used when reading about each holiday. As a family you will occupy either one or two cabins. A cabin on board always remains free for the skipper. Next to the cabins below deck there is a lounge. You can cook your own food there.

Life on board

Where will you sail to? What will you do? That’s your choice! Along with the skipper and the other families on board you will decide to a great extent how and where you will go. Of course the wind and the weather will have a say on the matter too. You sail each day for several hours, will help set the sails, prepare dinner with others and have an adventure on land too. You will stay overnight in quiet bays or in local harbours. Despite the comfort, you won’t get bored. Are you longing for some fresh sea air and the open sea? Then set sail with Euroaktiv!

Boat kitty  

At the start of your sailing trip in Sardinia & Corsica as well as in Elba a boat kitty will be set up. All of the families pay the same amount into the kitty. Food and drink, harbour fees, fuel, gas and more will be paid for through the kitty. The amount varies depending on the demands and number of people on board. The skipper is always catered for out of the kitty too. A guideline cost for each of the sailing tours can be found with the information about the tours. For the sailing trips in Majorca and Menorca there is no kitty because the costs are already included in the price.