Families who want to go walking together are in the right place with Euroaktiv. Parents find the relaxation amid the nature great but for the children its the much-longed adventure. Walking both connects and brings families closer together. You might ask, how? Come with us outside into the nature and we will show you what both adventure and freedom feel like.


The key to success on your walking holiday is selecting a perfect route for it. Especially if you are walking with children, it is very important that it is entertaining from the start and that it is not too difficult. Great route ideas are to walk along streams and lakes, through forests and valleys, over rocky areas and in the mountains and through mountain pastures. When planning our walking holidays we look for exactly the right balance between physical intensity and natural attractions in order to ensure that all of the family members are still smiling at the end of each day. Our walking holidays are suitable for children aged 6 years and over.

Accomodation & Services

Like on all Euroaktiv holidays, you will be staying at family-friendly accommodation throughout the tour. Depending on the tour, you will be staying in either hotels, guest houses, little mountain huts or bed and breakfasts. We offer luggage transfer on all of our walking tours. The idea is very simple: in the morning you set off walking with enough food for lunch and in the evening when you get to your next hotel, your luggage will be there waiting for you. To ensure that you easily find your accomodation each day, we provide you with lots of tried and tested travel documents with exciting tips about activities along the route and near to where you will be staying. If you have any questions during your holiday, you can call us on our service hotline.