Donkey walking Bavarian Forest

En route with donkeys.

You experience nearly infinite nature scenery in one of the most beautiful hiking areas of Germany – in the Bavarian Forest families are especially very welcome. Here, where the river Danube separates the first 3000-meter high summit of the Bayernwald-mountains from the Isar river valley, is the location of the holiday region Sonnenwald. Due to the proximity of the river and the warm plain makes this region particularly prone to lots of sunshine and hence offers the perfect climate for the lovable donkeys, who will accompany you on this hiking holiday. Together with your trusted animal companions you enjoy marvellous viewpoints, exciting adventure trails and comfortable Bavarian inns. The well-trained donkeys will patiently accompany you from place to place. At the end of each day a barn awaits the donkey and a comfortable bed with a delicious dinner awaits you.

  • 6 Days / 5 Nights
  • Guided group tour
  • Minimum age: 6 years
  • Minimum number of participants: 6
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Please arrive by 4pm (Sat by 11am) at the donkey farm at the latest  - since the basic training for donkey leading starts straight away followed by a small hiking tour. As a reward a delicious Bavarian meal awaits in the evening.

approx. 1 hour

Departure from Eselhof to the first stage around 10.00 am. Over the breadjacket bar with tower cafe viewing platform on the summit. On the way there is a children's adventure trail.

5 - 6 hours
approx. 4/9/12 km

On a direct way, it would be only a short distance but here the Büchelsteinrunde or the a bit shorter Steinbergrunde with its fantastic view is tempting. First you go south to the parking space of the ski lift. There you can decide if you want to walk in the direction of Kerschbaum and circle the Büchelstein or if the hike at the Steinbergrunde is sufficient. In any case you get out of the car park again and walk along the mountain to Olivet to the family pension on the mountain farm Wimmer to the yodel farmer.

approx. 4/12/16 km

If we hike directly to Riggerding, then it is only a short part, so about 2 hours hike. In the afternoon you can go for a round on the Unteraign (about 2 hours) or use this afternoon for a swim or an excursion.

approx. 2 - 4 hours
approx. 6/12 km

Gleefully you keep walking to Zenting, which awaits you nestling peacefully in a coomb. Your donkeys are happy to carry your small rucksack for the day again, the main luggage is transported just like on all the other days by our luggage transfer. All around Mount Unteraign you proceed to Zenting. If you wish you are welcome to embark on a detour directly up the mountain. If you however cannot wait to arrive at the beer garden to put your feet up, then you are more than welcome to cut the tour short.

approx. 4 hours
approx. 10/12 km

Surely you got very fond of the donkeys. However today is the start of your final hiking day together with your animal companions. The fastest route back to the donkey farm is along the Goldsteig-path. You still fancy a swim? Then we recommend you take a detour to Lake Ebenreuther See! Or as a crowning glory you ascend to the Aschenstein-summit and hike back via Daxstein to the donkey farm. Anyway, here is the place to say goodbye to your loyal companions and an amazing hiking week.

2-5 hours
approx. 6/8/12 km

Tour character

Easy hiking tours, however a few ascents included, which can be optionally extended or cut short on a day to day basis.

Prices and events

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Apr 13, 2020 - Aug 24, 2020
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Walking with Donkey in the Bavarian Forest, 6 days, guided, DE-BAADD-06G
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Base price 12 - 16 Years
Base price 6 - 11 Years
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Services and infos


  • 5 overnight stays as stated, breakfast included
  • 5x dinner  (cold dishes in Daxstein) and packed lunch, drinks excluded
  • 1x donkey per 2-3 persons
  • Basis course for donkey leading
  • Tour guide for the duration of the holiday
  • Luggage transfer from one hotel to the next
  • Detailed tour documents 1x per room
  • Service hotline

Things to note

  • Tourist tax, if due, is not included in the price
  • Further important information according to the package travel law can be found here!
  • Arrival by plane in Munich and then by train and bus in approx. 3 hours to Zenting.
  • Arrival by train via Plattling to Deggendorf and from there by bus in approx. 50 minutes toe Zenting. Organised transfer in approx. 30 minutes from Plattling or Deggendorf to the donkey farm possible on requests, cost approx. EUR 25,- per person, up to 4 people, reservation necessary.
  • Parking: parking spaces free of charge at the donkey farm, no reservation possible.
  • Minimum age 6 years. From the aged of 12 it is possible to lead a donkey.
  • Species-appropriate there are always 2 donkeys  brought along for each holiday. Hence a minimum of 2 people are needed on the tour, who are able to lead a donkey independently.
  • Prerequisites: basic fitness level and hiking experience. Children need to be used to walk a few hours at a time.
  • Easy hiking tours, however a few ascents included, which can be optionally extended or cut short on a day to day basis.
  • Depending on local circumstances Day Finishes can be swapped on site.
  • It is not possible to bring dogs along.
Stefanie Wenger
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