Online booking - nice and relaxed

Holiday starts at the time of booking it! The best and easiest way to book a holiday with us is online.


By booking online, we receive all the information we need to book your active holiday. Nice and easy: every online booking comes directly to one of our employees. If we are unsure about something when booking or if we need any further information to complete the booking, we simply will get in contact with you. Very simple! Nevertheless, we have put together the following tips to make your online booking even easier.

Have the following information ready

  • Exact tour dates (dates of the holiday plus any additional nights and transfers etc)
  • Exact information about the person making the booking (address, telephone number, email)
  • Exact details about the participants (name, birthday, height)


Pay attention to the following

  • You can either put in the arrival date by using the calendar or manually (
  • The term “arrival date” refers to the day that you want the tour to start. It does not refer to the day you arrive if you want to book additional nights
  • There are lots of options to choose between in the drop-down fields relevant to the tour you select
  • The box titled “special wishes & notes” is empty. You can write any extra information you think might be necessary here. Some example what you might want to include are:
    • Particular wishes regarding hotel choices, room types or catering
    • A note to say that you are travelling with a group that booked already
    • Details about relevant discounts if applicable

Please read through what you write in the text box before sending it off. Check that what you write is both correct and comprehensive!

Our booking form is a binding booking request - the price is calculated automatically and is not fixed.  If you would like to get a quote or some offers then you can do so by contacting us through our contact form. 

We look forward to receiving your booking!

Have you got any questions? Feel free to contact us either by phone or email. We look forward to your questions!