Euroaktiv’s travel checklist

Here you can find our recommended list of things to pack for a successful active holiday with us. Of course what you will need depends entirely on which variety of holiday you book. But don’t worry: we have made recommendations of what to take on each type of holiday that we offer! That means you know what to take if you are going walking, cycling or sailing but also if you are doing a multi activity holiday or going on a horse adventure holiday!


  • Check the currency for where you are travelling to and change some money into it if it is different to where you are from
  • Credit card / Debit card (Check with your bank that they will work abroad!)


To take

  • All travel documents that you receive
  • Travel guide and phrase book
  • Camera
  • Travel insurance documents
  • Smartphone

Check you have got or done the following in advance

  • Valid passport
  • Applied for a visa if necessary
  • Obtained travel insurance
  • Checked vaccinations are up-to-date
  • EHIC/European health insurance card

Paddle Sports Holidays

  • For canoe and kayak tours: surf shoes, old sport shoes or sandals
  • Old jumper, which can be worn without a layer underneath and that can get wet
  • Dry bag
  • Shorts
  • Swimming costume/towel
  • Waterproof camera/waterproof camera bag
  • For those who wear glasses: a glasses chain to prevent from them getting lost

Sailing Holidays

  • Shower gel and shampoo with a neutral PH value (so they can be used with salt water)
  • Travel sickness/sea sickness tablets

Horse Adventure Holidays

We recommend that you pack lightly on this type of holiday (weight limit of 15kg per person). A horse-drawn cart doesn’t have much space for your luggage. Don’t pack into suitcases! Bags or rucksacks are much more suitable! For this holiday you will specifically need:

  • Warm clothes (fleece is recomendable) and gloves
  • Good rain clothes
  • Good, sturdy shoes and light shoes for the evening
  • Torch, pocket knife, tea towels
  • Travel first-aid kit (medicine, bandages, plasters, antiseptic etc)

Riding Holidays

  • Comfortable riding trousers (or trousers that won’t rub like leggings)
  • Underwear that also won’t rub on long rides (cycle shorts/trousers are perfect and will help prevent getting sore)
  • Lightweight walking shoes with soles that are not too deeply profiled or riding boots (no plastic boots)
  • Potentially riding gloves or thin gloves
  • Riding helmet: this can be rented when there but it is better to take it with you if you have one
  • Half chaps: take them if you own them. If not they can be rented there.