Family friendly accommodation

So that you can enjoy your holiday and relax as much as possible, we put a lot of effort into finding suitable accommodation for you. For every active holiday there is a suitable place to stay and depending on the holiday you select there are usually several options for you to choose between. All of the places we offer you to stay our family friendly - it doesn’t matter whether you are staying in a hotel, a hut, camping or sleeping in a straw dormitory on a farm.

We also pay a lot of attention to the facilities available. Lots of the places you will be staying have play areas or other places for the kids to run around. There are often outdoor or indoor swimming pools nearby too or even petting zoos. You can find more specific information about the family-friendly accommodation in the description about each family holiday. 


We often show you pictures and give you descriptions of the accomodation. On some holidays like our family cycling holidays we can only tell you where exactly you will be staying once the holiday is booked and you have an official confirmation due to organisational reasons. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions about the accomodation on our tours.