Energy levels


It doesn’t matter which one of our holidays you pick, they are all rated with an energy level between 1 and 4.  This scale is a rough estimate about how active, adventurous and demanding each tour is. The bigger the number, the more intense the holiday.

If you don’t lounge on the sofa in all of your free time then you will easily manage energy level 4. We are all about liberating outdoor activities and not about extreme sport. You will find the energy level in the information box on each individual tour page.


The perfect introduction for those new to outdoor holidays. These tours offer lots of great outdoor adventures in a relaxed manner. All of the routes are very easy and the multi activity holidays are diverse but not demanding. Great for beginners or newcomers who like their holidays to be leisurely but not boring!


Eventful tours with lots of adventures. Sometimes there is a hill or a difficulty to overcome but this can be achieved by everyone. Those who are new to active holidays but who are used to being out and about will fit in nicely on these holidays.


You generally enjoy being outside. That’s perfect because then all of these tours are great for you. There can be longer ascents, but they are not the norm. Multi activity holidays offer at times much faster adventure. There’s always enough time for a rest on this type of holiday though.


Are you regularly doing sport outdoors? Maybe you play football or a different team sport? Or maybe you organise your own trips? This type of tour will be right for you because whilst you cycle or walk… you will be going up and down hills! The multi activity holidays are crammed full with lots of outdoor adventures. Each day offers enough time to relax though, don’t worry! This type of holiday is for all families who like to have real action in their holidays.