Luggage transfer


When out and about with family, there is usually a lot of luggage to lug around with you. Seeing as lots of our tours are not based in one location but move from one place to another, it means that your luggage also needs to move. Of course you could use something like pannier bags but that means you have additional weight and an extra burden. Furthermore, that would restrict what you can take with you because there isn’t space for everything in pannier bags.

With Euroaktiv luggage transfer is included on all of our cycle and walking tours as well as on our paddle sport holidays. That means that you pack everything you want to bring with you into your suitcase and that you are able to concentrate on the most important things whilst on holiday: the wonderful scenery, the great routes and a lot of relaxation!

Luggage transfer from accommodation to accomodation

Relaxed cycling without any worries. You don’t need to lug around your luggage with you. We reliably take it from hotel to hotel. In the mornings you leave your accommodation pretty much empty handed and in the evening your luggage will already be at your next hotel.