Our care when you are on holiday


On all of our tours, both self-guided and guided, we support our guests through the entire tour. Our support is offered in various ways. We provide a personal welcome briefing, a service hotline and luggage transfers. We assist you during your Euroaktiv holiday to ensure that it is a success. 

Personal welcome briefing

Our personal support on your holiday! On lots of our tours we offer a personal welcome briefing on your arrival day. You will be warmly welcomed and you will receive all necessary information about your holiday. Additionally you will gain lots of worthwhile tips. Sometimes the welcome briefing is carried out by a partner of ours and sometimes by one of our own employees. Of course you are welcome to ask any questions you may have at this briefing. A member of staff will offer you advice! Whether or not there will be a welcome briefing on your chosen tour can be found out on the tour’s page in the section called “what’s included”.


Handing out the rental bikes

On our cycle tours the bikes are usually handed out after the welcome briefing. This means that any changes to the bikes can be made if necessary. If you are doing a tour without a welcome briefing then the bikes will be ready for you at your first hotel. An employee won’t be far away to make some changes if there are problems with the bikes. Every rental bike is chosen in accordance with the height that you provide us with.


Service hotline

On all of our tours we offer a service hotline that we personally look after. This means that if you have an urgency you can contact one of our employees, who will try to solve the issue. Usually there is also an employee close to where you are, which allows us to quickly sort out the problem in person or to offer emergency assistance. That’s how easy we are to contact during your tour if need be. We answer straight away and don’t leave you stuck in a call centre queue thousands of kilometres away.


Luggage transfer

When on an active holiday where you change accommodation everyday, you really need reliable luggage transfer. That’s why we carry out the luggage transfers ourselves as much as possible. In exceptional cases we use taxis to transfer your luggage. By doing as much of the luggage transfer as possible ourselves, it guarantees your bags to be punctually and carefully delivered to your next hotel. Often you can travel with the luggage too in the minibus if you don’t want to do a stage for any reason.


Return transfer

On holidays where your final destination isn’t well connected with public transport we offer return transfers. That’s advantageous for us too because it allows us to get travel feedback from our guests first hand and also means that we can say goodbye in person too.