Self-guided individual tour or guided group tour

It’s irrelevant whether you are going on an active holiday or specifically a family active holiday. Through Euroaktiv you will find lots of tours that you can carry out alone or with your family. Here at Euroaktiv we call these “self-guided individual tours”. Would you prefer to make new friends? Then pick one of our “guided group tours” where there will be a tour guide with you! Leave everyday life behind you and feel the freedom on our sporty active holidays.

Self-guided individual tours

Self-guided tours without a tour guide. On these holidays you enjoy the complete freedom as to how to organise your day. You do not have any timings that you have to strictly keep to. It’s just you and your family. You travel independently and choose when and how long you want to do everything for.

The entire tour is independent but we provide you with the necessary information to make it a success. You will be given the travel documents with all of the important information about the route description and you will also be given the telephone number for our service hotline. There usually isn’t a minimum number of participants because your holiday isn’t dependant on others.

You can find out if a tour can be done as a “self-guided individual tour” by looking at the information box about the tour.

Self-guided tours with guided activities

Our multi activity holidays are a very special type of holiday. You travel independently on this type of holiday but selected activities are carried out with a guide and sometimes in a group. The advantage is that after each activity you can do as you wish on your holiday again.


This type of holiday allows the whole family to participate in a diverse active program but after the activities you can organise the holiday independently again. There usually isn’t a minimum number of participants on this type of holiday.


All of our multi activity holidays that are marked as “self-guided individual” holidays are in fact self-guided individual tours with guided group activities.

Guided group tours

You join up with other families and have the privilege of having a tour guide for your entire tour. You get to know other families and make new friends as you spend the whole holiday with these people.


There is normally a minimum number of participants on this type of holiday. Usually all of the offered dates can go ahead though. The number of participants also has an upper limit to avoid the tour becoming overcrowded.


During the guided group tours there will be a qualified tour guide looking after you who can speak english.