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We have put together a folder of travel documents for each tour that we offer. That is because custom-made travel documents are essential for a successful activity holiday. That’s why we put together all of the information very carefully so that our documents meet our very high standards: no questions go unanswered.

Our travel documents allow you to find the right way and to find out everything you need to know about the region as well as any other additional information. We find it very important to make sure that we do not include too much or too little information. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into our documents because we consider exactly which information, maps and additional material we want to make available to you. We offer travel documents customised for each individual tour. The amount and type of information that we include is fitted around how much free time there is on the tour. You always get your travel documents sent out to you in plenty of time before the start of your holiday. We provide one set of travel documents per room per tour (this is always the case on Euroaktiv original tours except if there are young children in a room of their own).

Extensive maps

The maps used for our family cycling tours are made in cooperation with Euroaktiv and they are produced with our partner, Verlag Esterbauer (Bikeline) with a scale of 1:75000.

Our maps for our walking tours are printed directly into our route books and are produced with our partner, Kompass.

For all of our other tours, we offer official walking/bike maps, city maps and more in our travel documents folders.


Route books

Our route books contain precise route descriptions where necessary. They also have suggestions about what to do along the way. Information about the route and about the cuisine are also included. All of this information is always especially suited for families and active holidaymakers. 

Town maps and additional information

Town maps, maps for arrival and for lots of the places you will be staying on the tour - that’s how you find your way around.

At the welcome briefing (not on all tours), you will be given tips for the next few days as well as tourist information about the places where you will be staying as well as hotel vouchers, vouchers, train tickets etc.


Orientation along the bike routes

Orientation along the route made easy: on most of our cycle tours you can follow our “E-arrows” to easily find your way. Usually the official bike route sign posts are good enough anyway. For support or in case there were to be any issues, we give you a service hotline number for the duration of your tour. We also can give you the GPS-data for your booked tour if you wish. 

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