What you should know!

The best and easiest way is to go directly to the homepage during the trip! You can also send us an e-mail or call us directly.



The registration becomes binding as soon as you have received our booking confirmation. Please note our travel conditions.

We recommend the conclusion of a travel insurance, at least a cancellation insurance. Insurance is not included in our travel prices.



For our covered wagon tours we also recommend that you conclude an additional clause in your personal liability which includes the liability of the pet owner (damage caused by the animal which was in your care at that time). This insurance is the responsibility of the participants, we do not offer liability insurance.

In principle, yes. Of course we try to maintain our relations to the weather fairy well! Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee good weather. Therefore our recommendation is: Prepare for cooler temperatures and precipitation and pack appropriate clothing!

The exception: activities like rafting or canyoning are very dependent on the weather. Our trained guides on site do not take any security risks!

If the weather conditions do not allow for an execution, individual excursions or tours will be cancelled. Sometimes we try to provide you with an alternative program.

The decision about the execution of the tours and possible alternative programs lies in the competence of our local partners. But like you, we also assume that during your tour the sun laughs and shines. . . !

Arrival on our trips is always to be organized exclusively and independently. If you need help you can contact us or a travel agency.

Unfortunately we can't book flights for you, but we can help you with the search.

We and our local partners always decide, depending on the requirements of the tour, which minimum age we consider suitable.

Every child is different, however, if your child already has a lot of courage, enjoys movement and has a basic physical condition, we don't see any problem with some trips that you can make the trip together. Feel free to contact us!

Most important are your personal medications and personal undersizes. Clothes you're comfortable in. Take also a portion of adventurous spirit and willingness to compromise with you. So you can especially enjoy the freedom of an active holiday. In addition, however, there are also items of equipment which

can be important or even indispensable, depending on the type of tour. When planning your trip you should therefore take a quick look at our travel checklist. Also with our travel documents there is again a detailed equipment list with our recommendations and valuable tips.

Our trips focus on active family holidays together. We organize for you hours together with lots of fun, adventure and excitement.

That is why we and our partner hotels do not offer childcare.